Lubbock Texas Housing

Short-Term and Long-Term Ready! Furniture Included!!

Let's face it, many housing establishments, especially some located in the Lubbock Texas area are not at all as they're advertised to be. That's okay because, at our house, things are not only as advertised but, we throw in many extras that you wouldn't find elsewhere, for a fraction of virtually everyone else's prices.

Spacious and quiet, this expansive ranch-style house offers peace and privacy. Fully furnished, guests need only to provide their own personal toiletries and food. Amenities include full private baths in each suite, wifi, laundry facilities, dedicated refrigerator and freezer shelves, full kitchen privileges, fresh eggs (provided by the always entertaining backyard chickens), a big screen TV with Roku, continental breakfast and, a coffee bar which includes tea and cider.

The 5400 square foot residence originally belonged to Smithlawn properties. TurfTrek LLC revitalized the home in 2012 and re-opened the facility as Caprock Casa to serve as a home-away-from-home for persons passing through Lubbock, TX.


Full rights to decline your requests are reserved.

why choose

  • Best value in Lubbock, TX
  • Always clean and in order
  • Roomy, quiet, safe, homey atmosphere
  • 10 minutes away from everything fun/important


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