Caprock Casa

also a great motel, hotel, inn, and extended stay lodging alternative

Lubbock Texas

Furnished Housing (featuring short-term and long-term rentals)

Imagine a large, comfortable home with lots of great space and 4 big bedrooms, all, with their own full private bathroom and shower. Amenities include free Wi-Fi throughout the entire house...



Q: How much does it cost to rent your rooms?

A: It typically costs $55 per-room/per-night and on high demand weekends, such as TTU graduation and football seasons, we have special pricing.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.

Q: Do you make any deals?

A: Weekly and Monthly bookings have a significant discount.

Q: Is your location Wi-Fi ready?

A: Yes (and it's free).

More questions?

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